Fish Report for 5-11-2024

Wind, Rain and Storms did not stop us this past Saturday

John P Seiler

Lots of highs and lows again this weekend, what a crazy roller coaster of weather and absolute excitement this weekend. 


⚡️⚡️Saturday May 11th - Report⚡️⚡️


Saturday morning started off absolutely beautiful, with a sunrise that just looked so welcoming and beathtaking. Well that feeling was very short lived that morning🤣☠️😫, as the winds started to kick and the skys turned black. This was our first drift and cast trip of the season and as soon as we set up for our first drift the skys just opended up with torrential down pours and wind. Just when you think rain coming down hard enough to soak through to your underwear and winds strong enough to blow you to kingdom come was bad enough, mother Erie decided it would be fun to through in some heat as well. Lighting up the skys with lightning bolts just above our heads making our butt cheeks pucker up just a bit 😫, the crew held in strong though fishing straight through what was being thrown at us. By the time the system finally moved out and everyone was soaked to the bone like drowned rats, we had made 3 slides and the guys had reeled in 15 walleye with 10 of them making it to the cooler with double hook gold spinner crawler Harnesses on a 15 count working the swing in 20FOW. After the 3rd slide the guys decided they wanted to switch over to a troll program so we hung the casting rods back up and brought the trolling rods down from the hardtop. Capt. Dale was doing very well running a trolling program near by so me made a vey short run to where he was and sent the bandits and TD9s back 60 and 65 back and burning them at 3.0 to 3.1mph. We made our way to 24 out of 30 before the winds kicked up again to much blowing us off the lake. We did end up catching a first for myself and Lyle, a tagged fish, never even knew we had it until I opened up the cooler and it was laying there on top 


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